I’ve just taken part in yet another quiz; I love them but I don’t particularly excel. Daytime television relies heavily on them. It is probable that our generation is more knowledgeable than any previous ones. Some people have a deep knowledge about one particular subject while others know many facts of general knowledge.

Quizes are everywhere. Most of our daily newspapers had a large quiz over the New Year. But we have to ask the question, what good is knowledge without wisdom? Where is our plain common sense and knowledge about the important matters of life. Knowledge is a cold, sterile thing while wisdom has a warm Godly glow. Cold knowledge can lead to wars, wisdom will lead to peace.

In the Bible a whole book is devoted to wisdom – Proverbs. The sheer volume of advice that is in these pages mean we sometimes gloss over them. Maybe each one would pay to be studied individually over a period of time. What about starting with ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom?’Proverbs 9:10