Home Town

Where was it that Jesus started His three year mission? Luke 4 tells us that He started in His home town. God didn’t direct Him to far-flung corners of His nation or even to other countries, that would all come later. The start of His ministry was where He had grown up.

I can just imagine the reaction of His listeners, ”Who does He think He is; He’s just the eldest son of Joseph the carpenter, we remember Him when He was in short trousers (or whatever the Jewish equivalent was).

The hardest mission for Jesus and for us is where we have grown up. Someone will remember the faults of our youth, will find it hard to take us seriously, or just ignore us because they recall us when we were only children. For us to talk about the Lord is especially hard for us in these circumstances. But God has planned where He wants us to be. Some are called to distant lands, while others of us are called to be just where we are and there spread the light and love of our Saviour.