The Lost Pen

Whenever we have any different experience it is amazing how many people want to tell us about their experiences in similar circumstances. When I was packing up to move house, I heard many ‘moving’ stories. One neighbour told me that she numbered every packed box and itemized the contents meticulously. I don’t know if I could have been so concise. Though I was envious when after my move I repeatedly misplaced things. I would put them in a safe place and then forget which safe place I’d used. I now only have three unpacked boxes, mainly because I’ve run out of space to put things.

I have another friend, who on packing before moving, tasked his wife with the job of labeling and sealing the boxes. That was fine until she packed the marker pen in one of the boxes and then sealed it. I never did find out how many boxes she had to open to find the pen but it made me smile. During our spiritual life do we pack away our ‘marker pen?’ The one we use for reading our Bible, the one to connect us to God in prayer and the marker for Christian fellowship?