A Messy Hug

He had been renovating his new house, taking down ceilings and walls, those that weren’t down already. Everything was filthy and so was he. He returned to his family home looking forward to a shower and change. When he got there he was met by a friend he hadn’t seen for ages. She was so delighted to see him that she rushed to him and was prepared to throw her arms round him in a great big hug. ‘Stop’ he cried, ‘I’m filthy.’ ‘I don’t care’, she replied, ‘I’m going to hug you anyway.’

This is so like God with us. We are filthy with the stains of all our sins. Sin which is an anathema to Him; sin for which He suffered on the cross. But He loves us so much, as evidenced by His death, and He was willing to suffer and keep on loving us.

I am at a friends house as I write this and notice on a cushion the words, ‘Hug Me,’ embroidered across it. Thank you, Lord, that You want to hug me and keep on loving me.