How we long for revival. We think of areas where it has been witnessed – the Shetlands, Wales, the north east coast of England. For a period of time life was completely turned up-side-down and although the intensity of these revivals has lessened, they are still impacting life in those areas today. I got to thinking of the changes that would have been made to everyday lives.

Because there was less crime, the prisons would have emptied dramatically. Did prison wardens lose their jobs? No doubt there was more useful employment for them. What about the pubs and bars? Maybe they became more friendly. In my own area many years ago there was the State Management Scheme which definitely brought families into pubs with more suitable entertainment for all the family.

Would people have been kinder to those in need, the old, the poor, the sick, the handicapped and the lonely? The news would no longer have been filled with stories of murders and the tragedies which tear at our hearts today. No longer would we stab each other in the back on social media. The television programmes would be very different. Are we ready for these changes as we pray for revival?