Do It Now.

As a child I would put things off. Anything that could be done the next day or next week, I would leave undone. My mother was so exasperated with me that she would repeatedly cry ‘Do it now.’ As a sometimes obedient child I took this to heart. I found a lovely piece of card and printed on it in bold letters ‘DO IT NOW, I then coloured it in with bright paints and hung it up in my bedroom. Did I act on the words, No, but it looked hanging there.

I wonder if I’m any better now that I am a grown woman. When God give me a nudge to do something, I put it off and find many reasons why I shouldn’t obey Him. It is not now my mother that is my conscience but God. Of course, life keeps getting in the way, but that is just an excuse. God doesn’t wait for obedience, He wants me to act now.