Instant Obedience

When God wants us to something now, He wants us to do it instantly.

A few years back I had been to a match following one of my favourite players. At that time he was ranked number one in the world and today is still at the top of his sport. As I entered the station to catch a train to London, I saw this man in front of me with his mate, probably his body guard. In my mind I fantisized, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could speak to him about the Lord.’ ‘Go on, then.’ God said. ‘Lord, I didn’t mean it, I was only dreaming.’ As the approaching train what was probably the last set of signals, prompted by the Holy Spirit, I approached the couple.

‘I enjoyed your match last night.’ A feeble approach, but at least I’d started. ‘Oh, Lord, what do I say next?’ ‘Do you find in spite of your fame, you still get lonely?’ That promoted a response. ‘Yes, I do.’ ‘Lord, help. I’m only an insignificant spectator. this man is known world-wide. What now?’ ‘There is an answer to your loneliness.’ And for the next how ever many seconds I told him about the Lord. I know he must have heard from many others before me, but this was God’s instruction for me on that day.

As the train puffed it’s way into the station, we exchanged a few sentences, then this very famous man said, ‘Are you travelling first class?’I reluctantly admitted that i wasn’t and the brief exchange was over. I still can’t believe that this happened, but it did. I haven’t heard that this man has become a Christian, though he is still in the public eye. Maybe it wasn’t about him, but was about my obedience.