Exercise seems to be the buzz word these days. It is possible to get apps on our phone or programmes on the television or even visit a gym. Many books are being published on the subject. I think it is an excellent idea and my favourite method of exercising is through the television. I marvel as the tutor explains and demonstrates the moves which exercise various parts of our body. I can choose which parts need the most workout. Then life gets in the way and I miss a few days and then a few weeks. The small amount I exercise on a few days does me no good at all.

Does this describe my spiritual exercise as well? Do I communicate with God on a couple of days and then get too busy and forget? The Bible is a wonderful source of help and guidance but how much do I read it? My exercise with God needs daily renewing. We read in the Bible that Jesus left His friends to pray in a quiet place and at other times He took His friends with Him. If Jesus needed this communication with His Father, how much more do we!