God’s Glory

‘Praise Him for His acts of power, praise Him for His surpassing greatness.’ Psalm 150;2

As I drive towards my city, on the horizon ahead of me I can see the hills of the north Pennines. On another route into the city I can see the outline of the hills of southern Scotland. A few miles down the road the mountains and hills of the Lake District are in sight. Magnificent, massive structures which, if He wished, God could remove into the sea. What a powerful God we have!

This same creator is the same creator of the small daisies in my lawn with their white and yellow faces, small flecks of colour in my otherwise dull and drab garden. I marvel at a God so mighty and yet so intimate and tender. Why should i ever fear when such a strong God is in control of the world and also my tiny life?

Such a powerful God is in complete control of everything. He will not let me down, I only need to trust.