Not Seeing Jesus

Grief can blind our eyes, we can’t see what is right in front of us. Two of the disciples of Jesus were walking on the way to Emmaus. Their sight was physically obscured with tears while their hearts were blinded with sorrow. To have a stranger join them on the journey was not unusual, it was safer to travel in a group. Bandits and thieves were often lurking on the way.

The two disciples dominated the conversation at first pouring out their grief and despair at the death of Jesus. They gained no comfort from the fact that some of the woman had actually seen the empty tomb and angels who said, ‘He is alive.’ It was such an improbable idea that their minds were closed!

Then Jesus had a chance to speak, expounding the Scriptures to them but it was not until He broke the bread at their meal that they recognised Him. Their eyes were opened. and immediately He disappeared from their sight. What a missed opportunity! Instead of spending hours in the presence of their Saviour, they only recognised Him for minutes, maybe only seconds.

Do we see Jesus when He is right in front of us, maybe in the kindness of a stranger, a baby’s first smile or a saint leaving this world and approaching the next. ‘Lord, may we see You where You are, right beside us to comfort and guide. Amen’