A Bruised Reed

‘Oh, that my ways were steadfast in obeying Your decrees. Then I would not be put to shame when I consider all Your commands.’ Psalm 119: 5 & 6

.As I read these words my heart cried out in understanding. I sometimes feel like the bruised reed that Isaiah wrote about, bruised and shaken by the winds of life… There are my good days when I am able to speak to a non-believer about Your love, am able to help a neighbour and feel really close to God. Those days are interspersed with my failure days. Speaking to a non-believer about You ending up in a disagreement; I am not able to help anyone and I feel thoroughly disillusioned and far from God.

As I think about the bruised reed I realise what keeps it in place. Deep down in the soil are the roots. The drought will come followed by floods, the searing wind will blow, but it will not be uprooted. Jesus understood when He talked about the house built on a rock. It would not be moved because it’s foundations were secure.

This is my life. At times I am battered, bruised and beaten down but my life is rooted in Christ, I am secure .