What Kind of Shadow?

When I contemplate my coming week I feel a little anxious; there are three medical appointments, none life-threatening but health problems that need help or sorting. I have an appointment with my bank manager (though we don’t see bank managers these days, just their helpful assistants) My Christian friend needs encouragement to get out of the house and not just stay indoors. All my tact and love will be needed. The thoughts of these days ahead are casting a cloud over the present day and I give a little sigh.

Then I read Psalm 91:1 ‘Whoever dwells in the shadow of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty’, and I realise that the shadow of my coming week is one of apprehension but that the shadow of the cross is protecting me.

It is God’s promise that I have the opportunity to lessen or even remove worry about my slight problems. I am fortunate to have appointments and doctors and nurses to attend to me, many countries don’t have enough medical staff. By seeing my bank manager I will be able to cope with my finances better. By helping my friend Tanya to have a little outing, her life will be improved and our friendship deepened. I do pray that my coming week is more under the shadow of the cross of Jesus than the cross of apprehension.