So Help me, God

This phrase is often used in courts when people are witnesses or being sworn into a new position. We also sometimes hear it in normal conversation, said without any thought as to what the words mean. But it is something we could all say and mean every word.

Life is difficult, every day we face many challenges. Often we do not have the knowledge or experience to be able to cope. Throughout the Bible we are told that God will help us. He will guide us and all we need to do is ask. So many Biblical characters have received their help and guidance through God – Abraham leaving his homeland and travelling into the unknown, Moses facing a hostile Pharaoh then leading his people towards the Promised Land and Joshua being told ‘Be strong and courageous

How often must Paul and the other disciples have cried out ‘Help me, God.’ The same God is here for us today, so we can also cry out ‘So Help me, God.’