Good Friday

Last Sunday one of the youngsters asked ‘Why is it called Good Friday?’ There is nothing good about the arrest, mocking, beating, humiliation, pain and final death of Jesus. It was such a terrible day that the sky turned black and the temple curtain rent in two. It was not ‘good’ for those who wept and mourned and felt all hope had gone. We only call it good because we know there is an Easter Sunday; the disciples didn’t know that.

The actual ‘good’ had to wait until the Sunday, the day of resurrection. Meanwhile ‘low in the grave He lay.’ Today we see Good Friday in the light of Easter Sunday; there was no such joy when these events were actually taking place. We rejoice that Good Friday is not the end of the story, the grave is not the final resting place. Today we weep, Sunday we will rejoice and sing. ‘Up from the grave He arose.’ Robert Lowry