A few days ago we celebrated Palm Sunday. On that day in Jerusalem the crowds shouted ‘Hosanna’ and threw palm branches. It was a day of joy and triumph Then just a few days after, the cry turned to ‘Crucify Him’ as He was surrounded by the baying crowds and He was eventually let away to His death. Three days after that the tears and weeping turned into joy and rejoicing. Life was a series of extremes, right up or right down.

Life is the same today. There are times in the history of our countries and our own lives when everything is good. Then suddenly we find our nations and our own lives plunged into dispair. There is happiness in some countries and others places are plagued by war and death. Periods of calm and peace are followed by disasters. One can think of the book of Ecclesiastes, ‘Vanity, vanity, all is vanity,’

But this is not the final chapter of the story of life. A time is coming when there will be no more sorrow, no more ups and downs. There will be no more partings, weeping or death. A place awaits us in heaven, next to God and Jesus, a place of eternal equilibrium and stability.