Not Religious

‘I really enjoy listening to this choir, because they don’t sing religious things.’ My friend wasn’t actually speaking to me but I already knew her opinion on religion. Nevertheless i was again saddened. In the past I had explained to her that Christianity was a relationship and not a religion, but my words hadn’t penetrated her mind. On this day in an audience of about 30 I knew there were about five people who had the same opinions as my friend.

There was no chance to respond but I spent the whole concert not listening to the songs but praying for my friend and others. Often replies to such comments are the not the correct thing and prayer is the only right reaction. I was saddened by the joy and peace my friends were missing and upset by their ultimate destination.

I might be the only person that my friend had who could point her to Jesus. What a responsibility! I pray that she may see the peace and purpose I have, but in the end it is God who will convict. As a work colleague once said of me many years ago, ‘ She’s not such a bad person considering she’s a Christian!’