Rejoice and Pray

‘Rejoice always, pray continually.’ 1 Thess 15-16

Just four words, but they encapsulate the essence of our Christian faith. To rejoice always goes against the trend of the world. How we love to moan and complain about everything – the weather, the government, our neighbours and even our friends. But there is so very much to give thanks for. The weather may not fit in with our particular plans, but God is still sending the rain and the sun. As the earth continues revolving, the seasons come and go in their due course. Even in times of extreme drought or flood, the true order will eventually be restored. Every act of worship should begin with praise and the acknowledgement of our blessings and God’s saving power.

Pray continuosly – God always hears our prayers and He does answer with His timing and not ours. He answers with His will and not ours. We think we know best but our loving Father always has our best interest at heart. He loves to have conversation with us.