So Help Me, God

When newly elected public officers sware an oath they finish with the words, ‘So help me, God.’ We also sometimes hear it said in normal conversation.without much thought as to what is being said.

Life is difficult, daily we face many problems. Often we don’t have the knowledge or experience to be able to cope. Throughout the Bible we are told that God will help us. He will guard, us all we need to do is ask. So many Biblical characters have received this help and guidance from God.- Abraham, leaving his home land and travelling into the unknown, Moses, facing the stern Pharaoh and then leading his people towards the promised land, David facing Saul and his enemies, Joshua, being told ‘Be strong and courageous.’ How often must Paul and the other disciples have cried out, ‘Help me God.’

The same God is here for us today and facing many problems we dry out, ‘So help me, God.’