No Dawn Chorus

‘And night will be no more.’ revelation 22:5

How wonderful it is to hear the dawn chorus. At this time of year it occurs quite early, so obviously I often miss it. When I’m awake at this time, I hear different types of bird calls and chirps as the dark sky gradually fades and over the horizon the sun starts to rise, though still tucked up in bed I don’t actually see this.

Then I read in the Bible that in heaven there will be no more night. No night or dawn means no dawn chorus. We can’t start to imagine what heaven will actually be like, our finite minds can’t grasp the wonders of it. We have little glimpses through the words of the Bible but we do know that the sun will be no more because we will be able to gaze on the Son. The birds will be myriads and myriads not declining numbers as we have here. The most colourful and beautiful will be flying all around us along with lovely butterflies. .

As I lie in bed with my fitful waking and sleeping, I try to imagine what heaven will be like, I have no idea whether we will have sleeping and waking, or will it just be restful? But I know we will be in God’s presence and when things get a little hard down here, I dream and wait.