A Different Mission Field

These few weeks I’ve been using taxis quite a bit. It has been expensive but one compensation has been the conversations I’ve had with the taxi drivers. As I have a captive audience for about 15 minutes, with God’s help, I’m able to steer the talk round to spiritual matters. Sometimes as the church is my destination, that makes the conversation even easier.

Yesterday a driver told me that there was no difference between the Islam faith and Christianity. I couldn’t let that go as I explained that Islam thought Jesus was a good prophet while Christianity knew Jesus to be the Son of God. The driver and myself agreed that politics and religion were two subjects which should never be discussed. It was no surprise to me that for the rest of the journey we talked about ‘religion’ and my faith. Nine out of ten journeys are spent talking about the Saviour. What a wonder is that!

Probably all evangelism costs us something, in my case it is financial, but it is so worthwhile. One day, with God’s help I described to a driver that I was a Christian She driver then told me, ‘I’m a Christian too.’ That was a lovely journey and as we parted we promised to pray for each other