Not a Hand or Foot

‘Because I am not a hand, I don’t belong to the body.’ 1 Corinthians 12:15

The sermon I heard the other week was particularly telling and well delivered. I’m sure many people were helped and blessed by it in the journey of their Christian lives. The worship band were also at their best as they led our service with their singing and playing. It was lovely to see that some teenagers had joined the group. I almost gave a little sigh as i realised I’m not able to give a sermon and I certainly have not the voice to join the band.

Then I came across the above verse. I’m not led to do certain things but God has other work for me to do, work especially for me. I have time to listen to people and after years of practice, hear what they are not saying. The Lord has given me time to pray; I wish I had the stamina to pray and pray, there is certainly so much need in the world.

I can relate to certain situations because I have lived for a number of decades. Though I never say ‘ I know, I’ve been through the same experience,’ because the conversations are about them and not me. God has a particular role for me in life. It is not for me to hanker after other forms of service. God knows what I am best at; that is where He will direct me.