A Changing Garden

I must share with you the joy that my garden gives me. As some of my followers will know, I came into possession of my small garden last September. At that time it consisted of a very poor quality lawn and border paths of shillies (stones). There was no soil I could plant anything into. Since then with a little help but mostly on my own I have started to make changes.

The shillies have nearly all been taken away. (I had plenty of help with that.) Bit by bit I have replaced them with soil and then topped it up with bark; I don’t want to spend all my time weeding. I’ve planted the few plants I brought with me and bought a few annuals. Annuals are hard work as they only last one year, but they do give instant colour. I bought nine or ten shrubs and will get more benefit of them next year.

May is such a wonderful month, it is when everything is coming to life. I’ve decided to have a No Mow May, but more about that later. Every time I go out into my garden, once or twice a day, I think I can see a slight difference, a new bud has appeared here or a few more leaves are on a shrub there. Self-seeded plants are beginning to grow and every few weeks I record the progress with a photo.

I feel so blessed to have this garden and I watch the improvements and changes that God makes. I am happy to be part of His work.