Seeking Guidance

It was a mighty job that God gave Moses to do; to lead a large squabbling crowd to the Promised Land. We read that so often he was overcome by the problems. It was at times like these that he took himself up the mountain to talk to God about it .He returned to his people with God-given wisdom and one time had with him what we now call the Ten Commandments.

Elijah’s place of refuge was the desert Time and time again he went out there to commune with God. Ahab along with his prophets as well as his scheming wife Jezebel all became too much for this man of God. He needed to talk to God and get His guidance. David found help as he wrote, sang and prayed his psalms. The words he penned have resonated to this day.

The God of Moses, Ellijah and David is also our God. Our worries and problems might be different to those in the Bible, but we still have our problems. Every morning as i wake up and talk to God I always have at least one pressing problem to bring to Him. Sometimes more than one and I’m sure it’s the same for you. As we feel worried about today’s problems, we can look back a year, a month or even just a week. Where are the problems of those days? It is likely that we’ve forgotten what they were, God has dealt with them. Where the problem is on-going, we can pray for God’s grace.