Who Is It?

“After days of turmoil and anguish we went back to what we did best. Returning to the boat and fishing together gave us a sense of stability.The breeze on our faces and the smell of the salt in the air was a feeling of normality. Not that we were being very successful, labouring all night with very little to show for it. As dawn was breaking a man was walking along the shore-line and as often happened gave us some advice.

‘Cast the net on the right side of the boat and you will find some,’ he cried. We had nothing to lose, so we tried and suddenly we were hauling in over a hundred fish. In spite of working flat out John managed to look back to the shore and excitedly called out, ‘It is the Lord.’ As we looked ourselves we realised it indeed was Jesus. There He was on the beach making a fire to cook our fish on.

Peter, impulsive as ever, threw himself into the sea and waded to the shore. It was left to the rest of us to do the hard work and pull the bulging nets onto the beach. No fish ever taster better or conversation sweeter. The birds sang chirpier and the rising sun was brighter that morning. Our Lord was back with us.”