Do Not Worry

just imagine the scene, a sudden squall arising on the lake with darkening skies and increasing winds. Impetuous Peter had plunged into the water to meet his Master. Then things began to look dangerous, he wasn’t walking on the water, he was drowning in it. Then Jesus stretched out His hand and gripped hold of Peter’s. As skin touched skin Peter was held tight; he was safe.

For us to have the same experience we don’t need to plunge into freezing water, life throws up enough problems of it’s own. I sometimes think that human beings are programmed to worry, because there are even times when we worry because we have nothing to worry about.

As I was waiting for medical tests and then for the results, I worried. Was it a big problem or was it nothing at all? In my head I thought about every ensuing scenario. The answer to my worry was in the Bible. Someone has researched out how many times we are told in the Bible not to worry. God knows that there are times in our lives which will be hard. He knows we will need these encouragements. As our hand is grasped in the hand of God, may we remember ‘Do not fear, for I am with you.’