Your Brother

I love the way that some of the letters in the New Testament, concerning the early church contain such practical messages. They also show that mankind hasn’t changed since those days. Some of the problems that were faced in those days are still with us to this present time.

We read in Romans, ‘Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.’ Yes, that warning is applicable today for us today. I have noticed that on Songs of Praise, on some occasions, people of importance sit proudly in the front row, sporting large hats (the women that is, not the men of course!)

I’m sure I’m not innocent of pride. Do I stop to consider the homeless man begging in the street? When one talks to them, they say something like,’ I made one mistake, lost my job and my home, took drugs and ended up in prison. Now look where I am? We are possibly all one step away from making that one mistake. As Christians we must not be conceited, what have we got to be proud of; everything we have is by the grace of God. We need to be thoughtful of the lonely, kind to the homeless and giving to the hungry. The sad and suicidal need our compassion, the compassion that is only contained in Christ. Whoever is needy who crosses our path, needs our love. It is the love of Christ constrains us. .


As I blogged to you the other, Jesus didn’t just do miracles, He did them over the top. Jesus and His disciples were faced with five thousand hungry people. I know we’ve read it many times before but the five loaves of bread and two fishes were turned into a meal for everyone and ‘they were satisfied.’ We know that’s not the end of the story. ‘Twelves baskets of broken pieces were left over.’ Did the people drop crusts of bread and pieces of fish in their eagerness to eat? At least there was no plastic in those days so there was no litter!

Twelve baskets of pieces left over, another miracle. Jesus didn’t just give enough food, He gave over and above. In the quiet of the evening did the birds come down for their evening meal and did the lepers come out of their hiding places? Both would have been fed. I praise God for the abundance of His feast.