Legally Correct

As I’m moving house in a few weeks time, I’ve just been to see my solicitor to sign several papers. I was struck with the professional way the young lady dealt with everything. Each step was carefully explained to me and I only signed when I fully understood and nothing was left to misinterpretation. It seemed legally correct to me with no loopholes.

It is just the same with our God who made a contract with us that Jesus would be sent as a Saviour to free us from our sins. His death was to do what we couldn’t do for ourselves. But it didn’t come to pass in a haphazard way. Biblical scholars will tell us that the whole of the Old Testament points to the coming of Christ. As we read page after page we will find that various prophets have foretold of the event. Nothing was left to chance; each prophecy was fulfilled. It was the most meticiously planned event in the whole of history.