My Garden Birds

Each morning I wake to the chirping of the dawn chorus and at this time of year by the end of the day the birds are again singing before they and I sleep. I don’t know the names of all the different birds but that isn’t necessary to enjoy their song. I do know that they are different types of birds from the ones who were in my last garden, which I presume is because of the large trees I now have around about. I listen and watch as they scrabble and squabble for the food I put out for them and as they peck at the lawn. Some wash themselves in the small bowl of water I have put out for them to drink, while others just walk straight through it and over it. There is a lot of activity just now because it is nesting time.

I don’t get many unusual birds and my robin has only visited once. They seem timid birds and wary of anything new. The pigeons are the most numerous and seem to have a character of their own. One is very aggressive and bullies others away from the food, even if he doesn’t want it himself. Or maybe it is a ‘she’!

When I went away for a few days I left out extra food but I know my neighbour over the way feeds the birds excessively so they didn’t go hungry. He gets the rarer birds and sometimes I sit in his garden and watch them. I know I can’t save the whole bird population on my own, but I do my little bit.