Just a Few Days

In just a few days we will once again experience the time when the world was tipped. The days of the first Easter was when life was turned up side down. Things would never be the same again. My life and yours would never be the same again. Jesus payed the ultimate price for our sins. We would not now be judged. Jesus has taken our place.

Because we remember every year it does not lessen the miracle. Jesus is the Son of God; we are just mere mortals. This death has decided our eternity. Oh, that everyone would recognise the true meaning of Easter. It is for anyone who will listen. This truth is for believing Jews, trusting gentiles, every nation of the world and places which are not even a nation.

Shouting the news from the roof-tops will not make people listen; announcing it on the news will not tell people and even when I tell my neighbours they will not care. Prayer is the only answer. It is God’s work, He will do it. My only task is to pray and to speak when the time is right. But we know that by Sunday, hallelujah, Christ is risen.