His Knock

‘I stand at the door and knock’ Revelation 3:20

My door bell is very loud; I never miss a caller. Also, because I am blessed with good hearing I can hear someone when they shout my name across the road. Am I as attentive at hearing the voice of God, I wonder?

His call is not a strident one like my doorbell. He doesn’t yell at the top of His voice across the street. The voice of my Saviour is gentle and subtle. He speaks to me in the singing of the birds and the ripple of the stream. He lovingly reveals Himself to me in the kindness of a stranger or the tentative smile of a baby. (I wonder, who teaches babies to smile, it can’t always be wind?) He never demands an answer; He patiently waits. Oh, that I might be more attentive to His voice and calling.

‘I stand at the door and knock.’ May I not be too busy or worldly-minded to hear His gentle knock on the door of my heart. I ask that my soul may be attuned to His presence.