Chinese Whispers

‘The red of the rust blended with the red of the blood that was dripping down the handle of the axe, over the fist that held it and down to mingle with the dirt on the ground.

Gladys stared into the demented eyes of the axeman.If ever she needed the protection of her God it was now.  Thoughts of Moses, Gideon, Daniel, Samson all floated through her mind.  God had saved them, the same God whom she worshipped.  Her simple logic told her, He would save her, but she was afraid.

‘God help me, help me now’.  She held out a shaking hand, her dark brown eyes still firmly fixed on the man.

‘Give – it – to – me’.

In a quiet authoritative voice she spoke the words slowly in her best Mandarin.

She waited.  The prisoners huddled round the walls waited.  The governor and officials outside the locked door waited.  Even the birds seemed to hush their song and the wind paused on its journey across the mountains.  Would the axeman obey the simple order or would he add Gladys to his victims?’

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Carol, the author