Sunrise Service

I had a most blessed time by taking part in a sunrise service on Easter Sunday. In normal times about 100 people meet at the local cemetery to worship early on Easter Sunday morning. There is a stunning view over our city and a wonderful feeling of Christian fellowship.

This was not allowed this year. Instead just five of us met in our local park. As we worshipped I tried to use all my senses to fully appreciate the atmosphere. There were only five of us, we sang out loud, prayed and communed together. It wasn’t strictly ‘sunrise’ as there was no sun evident. At 6.15 am it was cold ,also very cold. As the only glove-wearer I was a little warmer.

The birds were swirling around above a nearby clump of trees. The river was flowing swiftly by. A slight mist hung over everything. Our service was a wonderful witness, but there was no-one around to witness it.

It was a sunrise service such as I’ve never experienced before. As I worshipped and praised I realised I would remember this morning until the end of my days. And then I got to thinking how many more Easters would I celebrate. At my age not a tremendous number. That’s OK. I will one day be celebrating Easter in heaven, in fact I will be celebrating it BECAUSE of Easter. He is risen indeed.