Forty Years!

In Great Britain we have had pandemic restrictions of one sort or another for over a year. Although the end is in sight we are not there yet. Many other countries are still experiencing further limitations. A year plus seems a very long time. How will we cope when things return to ‘normal?’ Will we take up where we left off? What will be lost for ever? Are there things which will look to be an improvement? But remember it’s only a few months we’re talking about.

The children of Israel had forty of those times. Forty years wandering in the wilderness. Forty years since they’d fled from Egypt and left everything behind, both good and bad. Unlike us, those who left Egypt never entered the promised land. The Israelites did not always behave well. Have there been times during this last year when we haven’t behaved well? We have been depressed, selfish, downcast and despairing.

Let us concentrate on the future. What have we learned? What will we do better in the future? Brighter days are ahead. May we contribute to a better world.