It is exciting in England to be able to go to church again in person. Admittedly we can’t sing and need to continue wearing masks, but it is wonderful to be able to worship with other Christians as we are instructed to do in the Bible. But I have to admit being saddened. We are allowed to have thirty people in our service. Even with the leaders we were only about 16.

When lockdown is over, will we be returning to church or will we stay at home and watch Zoom or live video? Yes, Zoom saves time, having to get dressed, saves petrol and we can cook the dinner at the same time. But we are missing out. Virtual services will not keep the church going. We need to meet and be thankful we do not have the restrictions the early church or some countries round the world have today.

It reminds me of what learned as a teenager. What is missing from the middle of church. CH UR CH what is missing – U R.